I thought going up the Elephant Hill was a fun adventure.

I know I read from some travel article that Elephant Hill has the best view of Taipei 101 and that it has a lot of stair steps. They also said it was quite a walk. I love walking. Like long strolls and getting lost on foot. I think I underestimated their adjectives.  It was exhausting! There are like 2000 steps! Or even more!



It was just too late to back out because it’s already getting dark and I have a magnificent mental picture of Taipei skyline. Needless to say, I got to the first viewing deck and that was it for me.



It took me a while before I can recuperate from the exhaustion so I had a chance to take in the view.  It was pretty amazing. The tower made the skyline very distinct. I think every city should have that signature tower or monument. Taipei 101 stood like an electric pagoda in the middle of a hazy high-rise city!



Then, I have to go down the steps again and it wasn’t easier.


batch_20170416_183638TIP: wear gymwear, water, extra shirt, and a trunk of outfit options and make-ip so you can change and you don’t look like shit in the picture!


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