Fujin Street always appear in the list of cool districts to check out in some lists I read. It’s a bit far from the Central and it’s quite off the beaten track. Meaning: less tourists. Taiwan, being a city with efficient transport system, going there is a train token away.

You get off from the other airport station and walk a few blocks.

It was a quiet suburb.

Looking at my map, I found the other Fujin St. with surreal leafless trees line up! Streets are narrow and lines of apartments with lush greens.


Every few feet away there’s always an interesting cafe or gallery on an empty street, like this Buddha Tea House with Nepalese thing going on.


As i continued walking, crossing a main avenue, I came across this vast vacant lot which are used as backyard veg farm.



I felt like there’s something more to the streets so I continued walking.

Then I found it!

A quiet street (not much cars) with a line of tiled apartments (typical of  modern Taiwanese architecture) with first floors converted into boutiques and cafes. Gentrification? Maybe. Locals look hip and friendly.


I loved it there. I plan to book my next Air BnB in this area and spend more quiet time in this beautiful place.





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