Trocadero. The gateway to Eiffel!

This is the station where you step out when you want to go see the Eiffel riding the metro.

It gives you the best view of the magnificent Eiffel Tower, standing tall and proud!


It was called Trocadero maybe because of this guy holding a bull by its horn! A reference to the Battle of Trocadero in Spain.


“To stride across the lands of Spain at one go, to succeed there, where Bonaparte had failed, to triumph on that same soil where the arms of the fantastic man suffered reverses, to do in six months what he couldn’t do in seven years, that was truly prodigious!”


My second visit to Eiffel was one rainy afternoon. I gave zero fucks.

Perhaps, the only time it’s empty from tourists trying to get their slice of the view.

I stayed there, stood for cover and waited until it got dark to see the monumental tower light up. All worth it!



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