Something not popular for the usual tourists is a small bistro in Saint-Germain called L’avant Comtoir. It’s a small bar which looks almost like a crepe shop.

batch_DSCF0588Hanging on the ceiling, you can find menu of fine finger foods to enjoy -ham croquettes, duck confit sausage hot dogs, fried Parmesan cheese puffs.

I ordered duck confit and caramelized pork. I trusted the bartender’s expertise to pair the best wine to go with them.

batch_DSCF0589They serve unli-bread and hand-churned Bordier butter (yum!), so kumarga na ako because dinner na ‘to.

batch_DSCF0591Heard that a popular celebrity chef Yves Camdeborde owns the place and locals, chefs, winemakers and other food-industry people frequents the place. Madami nga tao and everyone is standing (no chairs) around the zinc bar.



9 Carrefour de l’Odéon, 6th arr.; Métro: Odéon



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