I spent a day just to walk around and by the River Seine.

It was dreamy and unbelievable.

I really couldn’t believe I was there. looking back, it was all like the best dream ever!

Sidewalk was filled with vendors selling artworks, repro prints of Vogue covers, and other souvenirs you can bring home.;  batch_DSCF0458batch_DSCF0459batch_DSCF0460batch_DSCF0461batch_DSCF0463batch_DSCF0464

Me, trying to absorb all in!

This was the beginning of a long walk along the banks of River Seine. I now understood why so many poets and artists went crazy falling in love with and in this place!batch_DSCF0465

Locks of Love But none for me.batch_DSCF0467batch_DSCF0469batch_DSCF0470batch_DSCF0472batch_DSCF0471batch_DSCF0473batch_DSCF0474


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