My new travel mantra is “skip the museum and explore the streets.”

Well, hindi naman talaga sya mantra and a lot of people will not agree, but my thought on this is… ubos-oras kasi to go to a museum. There’s the loooooong queue, bawal picture sa loob, and mas maganda if you have advance reading on the history of the country you’re visiting para masundan mo yung mueseum experience. I also think that those great works will always be there, so pwede balikan. If you really want to see something specific, painting or sculpture, google mo na lang.

But the streets… the streetscape, the urbanscape, the landscape..these are all temporary and needed to be experienced here and now.  Parang if i’m in a new country, dedma na sa past! It’s the here and now that matters! Chos.

So I went around nga, walking and entering every street, alley and crevices na pwede pasukin. True enough, Amsterdam did not disappoint!

Their streets is a gallery of contemporary art in itself! Movie posters, exhibit posters, music gigs, festivals, graffiti, mural, billboards…lahat parang fresh from Pinterest!

I get to peek inside some shops, albeit it’s size (lahat masikip, following the old building structure. kasi may law daw sila dati about that!) ang ganda ng loob!



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