Here’s a peek of the famous Louvre!

On my walk-around-Paris Day, I went to see Louvre from the outside and still can’t believe I was standing in the middle of a historic place. They say Mona Lisa is inside but I had to pass. Lines are long going inside the museum and would probably take half of my day so I, regrettably, have to pass and enjoy what’s outside instead.batch_DSCF0424batch_DSCF0432

Pyramid made of glass! Where old meets new. It was as is in the picture: magnifique!



Lucky to have a sunny day and far less tourist than usual.

Looking around, everyone’s have their great day for instagramable photos.



Why all are beautifully dressed. It’s Paris!batch_DSCF0443batch_DSCF0446batch_DSCF0447


Here’s the view across:batch_DSCF0449batch_DSCF0450batch_DSCF0455batch_DSCF0454


A reminder that next time I go here, I hope it would be with my family.batch_DSCF0456


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