I got so high from pot I got lost.


This was the last detailed map I’ve seen before I got lost and went off map (down to the red line at the bottom left) from walking. i just found myself walking on an expressway to Rotterdam and there was no more pedestrians in sight. And I didn’t care coz i was high af!

I saw a coffee shop somewhere, asked the old man how to go back to the city center. He just laughed at me coz my eyes are red af!

He showed my the way to the tram which was a good 15- 20 minute walk. I think I was walking for more than an hour before I realized I was lost.

I found the tram.  As I ran to the tram to catch the closing door,  I got hit by a bike. I got a small scratch but the teen rider fell off. Plakda! Nakakaloka! I helped her. Asked if she’s alright. She said she’s okay. Then paranoia settled in. What if she needed to be hospitalized? I didn’t have that kind of money! When she said she was okay (thank God she was), I walked ahead and disappeared in the crowd.

But before all that happened…

I walked from Jordaan (which is my favorite neighborhood) to IDK where. Sinuyod ko literally lahat ng pwede lakaran. It was cold at 10 degrees pero dedma!  Drinking beer everytime I find an interesting beer store. Lighting joint. On the street. Like it’s nobody’s biniz! Coz it’s legal! Hah!

I would stop by to sit on benches as I watch boats gliding in the canals. Seeing strangers faces. Pucha, ang ganda ng Amsterdam! Parang nag-usap usap lahat na bawal ang pangit, bawal ang tarpauline, bawal ang bad design sa Amsterdam!

Warming my fingers from cold, I still cannot believe that I was there. Amsterdam!



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