Aaminin ko, up until now, I still have this massive Paris hangover! Mahirap talaga mag-move on.

I still have lots of pictures and stories to share and my facebook friends and instagram followers can only handle so much.

Maraming nagsasabi sa akin na I exactly verbalized their feelings when they first saw Paris, hindi lang nila alam kung pano sabihin. I guess, that was a compliment. A storytelling skill (probably) na wag nating sayangin.

Marami rin ang nagsasabi na I inspired them to see Paris and are now starting saving up for a trip. Meron ding nagsasabi na it ignited their desire to see new places and see them how I saw it. Masarap marinig yung mga ganun.

Since positive ang response, let’s continue to inspire! Ituloy natin ang laban! Ituloy ang chikahan!

Through this travel blog, I will share my experience and learnings and hope to help many readers to decide on their trips. It’s a gay new world out there!


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