Walking along Fujin Street, this green cafe caught my attention. Urban elements displayed outside. You can here some Gangsta Rap playing from the inside. Beans & Beats is what it’s called. something new to me as beats are always associated with alcohol and dancefloor. but not for this. went to check it out. Cafe was empty at that time. Regardless, i need a bathroom break, … Continue reading HIPHOP & COFFEE


When temperature drops ,you will do anything for a hot ramen! And that includes waiting in out in the cold. Higuma Japanese Restaurant, I was told, has been one of the finest Japanese treat in the most affordable price. It’s overcrowded and cramp inside but despite being stripped off of Parisian glamour, the hearty gyoza-ramen-udon is comfort for the soul! HIGUMA (Saint-Anne) 32 Bis Rue Saint-Anne 75001 … Continue reading HIGUMA FOR SOME HOT LAMEN


Trocadero. The gateway to Eiffel! This is the station where you step out when you want to go see the Eiffel riding the metro. It gives you the best view of the magnificent Eiffel Tower, standing tall and proud! It was called Trocadero maybe because of this guy holding a bull by its horn! A reference to the Battle of Trocadero in Spain. “To stride … Continue reading TROCADERO